Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smart Girl Rule: In the Mood for Love

Everyone has a first love. That guy they were certain they will be with forever, the one they weaved their dreams around. Isn't that warm feeling wonderful? But if you ask friends who've been in love, they'll tell you it's far more exciting, if not complex, than a fuzzy feeling. The mere sight of him will make your palms sweat; set the butter­flies in your stomach fluttering; and when he acknowledges your presence, climbing Mount Everest will seem a breeze. Unfortunately, while love can make you do many a splendid thing, it can also cause you to commit a few relationship faux pas.

Smart Girl Rule #1 - Develop a Cool-Cat Ego

Ever heard of the expression "too much of a good thing is bad"? As much as you'd love to hear his voice every 10 seconds, the reality is, it's a bad idea. It'll make you seem desperate for his atten­tion and lacking a life of your own - which isn't why he fell for you in the first place. While it's cool that he knows you're into him, take it to the extreme and it's called stalking! A girl is true "girlfriend material" only if she has her own life and interests to focus on. It may sound romantic, but any guy will tell you that having a girl make her entire world revolve around him is a turn-off.

Smart Girl Rule #2 - Speak up

Girls who speak up about what they want and believe in come across as far more attractive than those who only make great arm candy. On that note, learn to speak your mind. If you're afraid to say what you think, you'll never get to know each other. No man wants to find out months into the rela­tionship that he never really knew his girlfriend after all. Remember that the sexiest thing a girl can do to a guy is to show him something new, is it a fresh perspective on world politics, a video game

Smart Girl Rule #3 - Be a sweet Little Mystery

Even if he was your soul mate, don't give away too much about yourself or there will be nothing left for his imagination. Don't start babbling your life story, family secrets, bad habits or weird fetishes, as soon as you start dating. Leave it to time and nature. That way, he'll keep com­ing back for more fascinating facts about you. Remember, guys won't want to read the rest of the book if they already know the story!

Smart Girl Rule #4 - Give Him Breathing Room

Experiencing new emotions such as jealousy, insecurity or even fear of losing someone spe­cial may make you possessive. That's okay, so long as you don't start treating him like chattel! Trust is essential to any relationship. Without it, you'll only have fear, paranoia and tears.

Smart Girl Rule #5 - Comfort Factor is Paramount

The jitter of being in love is a lot like having your period. Your body goes through many changes that will affect the state of your moods and emotions. But take it as another step towards maturity. And as your relationship deepens and moves towards your first kiss, remember: Just as getting the right panty liner is important to ensure that you stay fresh and confident all day, it's only right if that first kiss makes you feel comfortable.

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